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Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie

The Local Kitchen Contractors

The kitchen is an essential and unique part of every home. It must be well-planned and beautifully designed so you can have a more efficient and enjoyable space to prepare meals and bond with your family. Allow Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie to be part of your kitchen’s transformation. Together, we’ll work to design and build the kitchen of your dreams.

We have done all kinds of kitchen renos in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle homes over the years. We also service surrounding communities in the Hunter Region. At Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie, no job is too small or too large. We give each one the importance it deserves, and we are proud to report that our clients have always been beyond satisfied with our work. We’ve done them all, from small kitchen renovations to reno on a tight budget to luxury kitchen makeovers for residential and commercial properties. Call us today to book an appointment and to get a free quote!


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    Exceptional Kitchen Renovation Services in Lake Macquarie, NSW

    Our goal is to deliver excellent kitchen renovation services to all of our clients. We are passionate about kitchen design, functionality, and efficiency. With years of valuable experience performing kitchen remodels for Aussie homes, we have gained a deeper understanding of what homeowners want and need. We prioritise your ideas and work with you to bring those to life. Our expert team will also provide recommendations based on what we believe you’d love for your kitchen and what would work best.

    Our Kitchen Renovation Process

    Our process for kitchen remodels starts with a client consultation meeting. We will discuss your ideas, share our recommendations, and come up with a plan. At this time, we can set a timeline so you can manage your expectations and know when you can see the finished product.

    Durable Materials, Long-Lasting Beauty for Your Kitchen Reno

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re aiming for a luxury kitchen with a limitless budget or you’re looking for cheap kitchen renovations for your home. At Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie, we make sure that we don’t sacrifice our work’s quality or the materials we use just to minimise costs. Excellent workmanship is guaranteed each time, and we do our best to get supplies, materials, and kitchen appliances from our trusted suppliers that offer the most reasonable prices. This way, we can deliver high-quality services to clients across all budget ranges. We believe that every Aussie family deserves a safe, beautiful, and functional kitchen. So we always find ways and give you options.

    Meticulous and Hardworking Team for the Best Kitchen Renovations

    We are most proud of our team, who are always hardworking and ready to help all of our clients. When you work with Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie, we do our best to exceed your expectations. We pay very close attention to every detail. While we take our time and would never sacrifice the quality of our work to beat a deadline, we also take our schedules and the planned timeline seriously. We understand that not having a functional kitchen, one that is currently under renovation, can be inconvenient for your family. So we do our best to finish on time and get your charming and sparkling new kitchen ready the soonest as possible.

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    Kitchen Renovation Checklist

    Planning a kitchen renovation can be fun and exciting, especially if it’s your first time. You now have the chance to turn an outdated kitchen into something more trendy. While modern kitchen renovations are stylish now, many Australian homeowners still prefer a timeless, classic, and more traditional look. Whatever your preferences are, our team will deliver, and we’ll make sure you’re satisfied.

    A kitchen renovation checklist from Hipages provides a rough guide of what occurs during a before, during, and after a reno. Once you’ve found a kitchen renovation company, you can begin the planning stage. This stage includes setting the budget and at least a basic idea of what you want to happen. Permits must also be secured at this time. You have to make sure that you’re working with a licensed tradie such as Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie.

    We have a complete team of tradies who are ready to help transform your kitchen. This includes designers, a demolition team, cabinet makers, a plumber, an electrician, and a tiler/floorer.

    Choosing, sourcing, or shopping for fixtures, fittings, and accessories must also be done before the reno starts. This way, the items you selected, such as kitchen benchtops, sink, tapware, and appliances, can be considered during the designing and building process.

    The same checklist from Hipages itemises the usual or typical reno process – stripping out the existing kitchen, removing plumbing and appliances, structural works, installing new plumbing and electrical systems, pouring concrete floors, installing cabinetry, working on benchtops, installing floors, painting walls, and finally inspecting and testing your kitchen before handing it over to you.

    How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take?

    Our designers and planning team at Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie will discuss a timeline to help manage your expectations. The actual timeframe for kitchen renos depends on several factors such as the complexity of the job, the size of your kitchen, and your schedule availability. Some homeowners choose to be present during the renovation process, so we have to adjust to the client’s schedule. A kitchen renovation job typically takes 2 to 4 weeks. It can take more time than if there’s a lot of structural work or less time when work is done every day, including weekends.

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    Trendy Kitchen Designs for Aussie Homes

    Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie’s team of experienced designers is always on the lookout for the latest trends and designs for Aussie kitchens. However, many of our clients usually already know exactly what they want their kitchen to look like. No matter the case, whether you have a specific design in mind or not, we will help you out.

    We’ll help you choose the theme, paint colours, cabinetry, appliances, materials for flooring, walls, splashback, and more. You will always have options that will consider your design and style preferences and budget for the reno. In kitchen benchtop materials, for instance, you have lots of options available for you. This article from Better Homes and Gardens lists down the best kitchen benchtop options plus their pros and cons to help you choose. Among those options include engineered stone benchtops, laminate benchtops, timber benchtops, solid surfaces, marble benchtops, stainless steel, and more.

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    We Stick to the Standards and Take Regulations and Code Compliance Seriously

    At Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie, we prioritise our clients’ preferences. While we do our best to hand over a renovated kitchen that meets or even exceeds expectations, we also make sure that we have met all standards and regulations, especially regarding health and safety. We have to follow the rules when installing kitchen benchtops, cooktops and ovens, dishwashers, sink and tap, kitchen appliances, flooring, walls, plumbing, and electrical systems. Our licensed tradies team will help ensure that all regulations are met and your kitchen is code compliant.

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    Energy-Efficient Kitchens in Lake Macquarie

    Energy efficiency is a top priority for most of our clients. Many outdated kitchens still feature inefficient appliances and designs that aren’t consuming a lot of energy but are quite inconvenient too. There are plenty of ways to make your kitchen more energy-efficient. According to Energy Matters, electrical appliances make up around 40% of a household’s energy use. In Australia, some appliances, including those used in the kitchen, such as fridges, freezers, and dishwashers, must come with an energy rating. During a kitchen reno, you might be replacing some of your appliances, so this is your chance to pay attention to those energy rating stars. A quick tip: the lower the number, the better. It means the appliance is helping you save more energy.

    Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie will also help you choose the best lighting for your kitchen. Lighting can affect your kitchen’s overall look, and it can make this space of your home more energy-efficient. Switching to LED lights can save you up to 80% on lighting costs than those old globes.

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    Luxury Kitchens for Less: Affordable Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie

    Every Australian household deserves a beautiful kitchen. The kitchen is one of the busiest places in the house and sometimes even used as a place to bond and catch up as you prepare meals and have some snacks with your family. That’s why at Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie, we find ways to build luxury kitchens for less. An affordable kitchen renovation doesn’t mean your kitchen should look cheap. Our designers will work around your budget to ensure that you’re getting the best kitchen design according to your needs.

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    How Much Does Kitchen Renovation Cost?

    Kitchen reno cost is affected by several factors. We provide free quotations to our clients but also take into consideration their budget. If you need us to work on a tight budget, we will find ways to work around that and let you know your options. We will, however, promise not to sacrifice the quality of our work because of budget constraints. At Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie, we strive to be exceptional. We deliver excellent services at all times.

    The average kitchen renovation cost, according to Canstar, can range from $15,000 to $43,000. These numbers do not include white goods. It seems like such a wide range because other factors have to be taken into consideration. For instance, a laminate benchtop will only cost you about $200/sqm, but if you prefer a natural stone or marble benchtop, then the cost would be about $1,500/sqm.

    white cabinetry kitchen renovation with white service table

    Some Useful Tips for Cheap Kitchen Renovations

    When your kitchen’s due for a remodel but you’re looking for a budget kitchen renovation, Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie will find ways for you. We’ll show you your options, design, and plan the reno based on your budget. Since we never sacrifice quality, allow us to share some useful tips that will help decrease your kitchen renovation cost.

    • Keep the plumbing and electrical system in place: One of the most costly parts of a reno would be removing then reinstalling the plumbing and electrical system. If they are still working just fine, then there shouldn’t be a need to move them around. However, this means that your sink and dishwasher would remain in the same spot and power outlets will still be in the same areas. There are other ways to update your kitchen’s look without moving these around.
    • Choose More Affordable Materials: A stone benchtop will only set you back around $450/sqm, while natural stone benchtops will cost approximately $1,500/sqm. Tile splashbacks cost around $45 to $250/sqm, while glass splashbacks are roughly $450/sqm.
    • Take Another Look at Your Home Insurance Policy: If your Lake Macquarie kitchen renovation’s purpose is to repair damaged areas of your kitchen, there’s a possibility that your insurance company can cover some costs. Speak with your insurance rep to find out.

    Kitchen and bathroom renovations are sometimes accepted as valid reasons to refinance your home loan. If you’re on a tight budget and the average price for kitchen renovation doesn’t seem very attractive to you, you can take a look into financing options that might help you out. There are also personal loans available for this purpose.

    Get a Free Quote from Lake Macquarie's Trusted Kitchen Renovation Experts

    Now that you already know the ins and outs of kitchen remodels, then it’s time to reach out to the best kitchen renovation company in your area. Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie offers kitchen renovation services in Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, and the nearby Hunter Region communities. Whether you’re planning for modern kitchen renovations, Ikea kitchen renovation, kitchen reno on a budget, or luxury kitchen remodels, we are here to help. Learn more about kitchen upgrade cost and start planning a kitchen renovation with our team. Call Kitchen Renovations Lake Macquarie today to get a free quote!


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