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Newcastle Kitchen Renovations: Custom Made Kitchens to Suit Your Style

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen and want a unique design that is made just for you, then Newcastle Kitchen Renovations is the company for you. We offer bespoke kitchens in various styles, colours and woods so that customers can find something perfect.

Custom made Kitchen Design in Newcastle NSW

Newcastle Kitchen Renovations specialize in Custom Made Kitchens. We offer a variety of Kitchen designs built with quality materials and high-end finishes; each one is designed to suit your individual needs and style.

Our kitchens incorporate all the latest trends in design with quality materials and finishes. Plus, our expert designers will help make sure every detail meets your needs.

Your kitchen is an essential space in your home; it’s where you spend time with family and friends, cook up big meals together, or enjoy a moment of peace. That is why we take pride in creating kitchens made to last and designed with every detail of your life in mind.

Custom kitchens will provide you with more space to store and prepare food, ample cooking workspace, a place to entertain family and friends.


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    Expert Designers with a Variety of Styles

    We provide an array of design options, including standard, contemporary, traditional and more.

    The Custom Made Kitchens at Newcastle Kitchen Renovations come in many styles and designs which will surely match your taste as well as budget:

    Traditional styles offer elegance without being overbearing; a traditional kitchen is all about wood cabinetry, the most common material for cabinets in this style.
    Contemporary kitchens are geared towards those who want a modern space with any design theme or colour palette. New styles make a bold statement with clean lines, sleek cabinets and open shelving while still offering plenty of storage space.
    Standard offers a comfortable balance between these options.

    Whichever design you choose, it’s sure to embody your style preferences beautifully and be a welcome addition to your home.

    Kitchens made to your specifications.

    Every custom made kitchen is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Custom Kitchen Design in Newcastle NSW takes the time to get to know your needs, desires and style preference before they begin their design process.

    Our kitchen designers are experts in the latest trends and techniques. Together they will create a unique design with your input on function, style and budget to make your dream kitchen come true.

    Custom Kitchen Design has been designing kitchens for years, and we have built our reputation, contact us today for your free consultation.

    Kitchen Renovations Newcastle: Custom Made Kitchens for Your Needs

    Newcastle Kitchen Renovations is here to help you plan every detail of your new custom kitchen. No matter the size, shape or style of your kitchen renovation in Newcastle NSW, you can trust us to provide a fresh new layout that is not only functional but looks stunningly beautiful too.

    It is tailored to your needs and wants, delivering a unique look that’s functional and beautiful. Custom made cabinets offer limitless design options, which means you can create something extraordinary for your space. You can choose from different materials such as wood or metal, colours, shapes, and cabinetry doors, so there will be no variety in these kitchens!

    wooden design kitchen cabinetry and table

    Customize your kitchen with custom features

    We offer bespoke kitchens customizable regarding their style and functionality. Drawers can be installed at varying heights depending on where they’re most needed; The width between cabinet faces might need adjusting due to limited space – every detail has been thought about when designing this type of kitchen.

    One of the most popular trends in custom-made kitchens is a ‘see through’ design with glass fronts – it’s modern and elegant, giving your space an open feel while still keeping all items on display for easy access!

    A complete set of kitchen cabinetry will be equipped to suit every need you might have. For example, many people overlook their pantry. Still, this area is often overlooked by homeowners when considering what features to incorporate into their new kitchen – if you want more storage room. Cabinet doors could quickly provide that as well as add style points too!

    Our Kitchen Renovation Proces

    The client is always kept in touch during this process, including progress photos when appropriate, so clients know exactly where their investment stands then.

    1. We start with a consultation which is your chance to tell us about your dream space.
    2. What you can imagine, we’ll create it for you!
    3. Once we have discussed what’s important to you in this new space, our team will start designing an inspirational plan of how the work could look when completed.
    4. A cost estimate will also be given at this point – so clients know what they are spending their money on from day one, and every amendment or change along the way won’t incur any additional costs.
    5. Once approved by both parties, Newcastle Kitchen Renovations commence the building process: research the latest design trends, design a new kitchen layout, and draw up detailed plans for fabrication.
    6. Our team can also help install any other fittings or worktops like dishwashers, ovens, cookers etc.
    7. Once we have all the drawings and information required to build your dream space, our team will start sourcing materials from trusted suppliers.

    The client is always kept in touch during this process, including progress photos when appropriate, so clients know exactly where their investment stands then.

    Why Choose Us for Kitchen Renovation

    A kitchen makeover is a great way to make your home more functional and beautiful. Newcastle Kitchen Renovations can provide you with everything from design, planning, installation and service to meet all of your kitchen needs.

    We have expertise in custom made kitchens that are built for any style or size house. All our kitchens come in different shapes and sizes, which is why we offer free measurements to ensure the perfect fit for every customer’s requirements.

    Newcastle Kitchen Renovations have the know-how to deliver quality work and timeframes when it comes to kitchen renovations.

    We always offer a free measure up for any kitchen renovation, which is why we’re able to come up with accurate quotes that will suit all budgets. We are also happy to take on smaller projects, such as installing new appliances or cabinets in place of outdated ones. All our customers are given aftercare service, so if anything goes wrong, it can be fixed quickly through no fault of your own!

    Newcastle Kitchen Renovation providing expert kitchen makeover

    How much does it cost to have Custom Made Kitchens installed?

    If you’re thinking about having Custom Made Kitchens installed, it’s essential to know how much the installation will cost. The average cost for this installation is anywhere between $4000 and $8000.

    Suffice to say that most homeowners have purchased Custom Made Kitchens from Newcastle Kitchen Renovations in Newcastle, and they were happy with their decision. We do not work on a time-based or hourly basis, so you can be assured of our pricing structure just as we are confident in your satisfaction.

    We also offer free measuring services for any custom made kitchens before you make up your mind about which one suits your needs best – this ensures that no mistakes are made during installation, saving both money and time!

    classic and polished kitchen area with chandelier

    What are the benefits of a custom made kitchen?

    With a custom-designed kitchen, you can choose the layout and design that best suits your needs and add additional features. It is a great way to create an atmosphere that reflects your personality and makes it more functional for cooking or entertaining purposes.

    Custom kitchens also come with some specific advantages. This kitchen is easier to clean than traditional cabinets; food spoilage is reduced because of how airtight custom made kitchen units are built, and there’s less chance of vermin like insects getting into your home through cracks.

    The initial cost may be higher, but these benefits could easily cancel out this extra expense over time!


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