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Every successful kitchen remodels starts with a great idea. At Newcastle Kitchen Renovations Specialist, we take your ideas into a fresh and professional perspective that turns your dream kitchen into a reality. Our journey as a kitchen remodelling contractor in NSW for years has given us opportunities to cover various kitchen transformations. From budget renovations to stunning luxury revamps, no kitchen reno is too small or too complex for our quality trademark.

Upgrading the look of your kitchen is an exciting endeavour but can be an overwhelming experience. That is why having a kitchen remodelling contractor is the best step to ensure you can get most of your investment by maximising your resources for your ideal kitchen. Continue reading to know more about what to expect and the benefits of going pro on your kitchen remodelling project.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is truly the hub of a home, and every home is unique. That is why at Newcastle Kitchen Renovations Specialist, we don’t rely solely on the trends, but we work more on your needs and aspirations. Like any customised product, our licensed kitchen specialists oversee every aspect of a kitchen remodelling project and ensure everything fits into the whole picture.

Custom kitchen design is the king as it makes the most out of your spaces. We are an experienced kitchen renovation contractor that thinks of innovative and cost-effective approaches within the budget scope. And we thrive on challenges; whether you have a narrow galley space, side doors that runs through a working area, an L-shaped plan that creates dead spaces, or any issue with your kitchen space, we’ll provide you with the best kitchen design solution.

Sometimes, or most of the time, revamping your kitchen is an attractive do-it-yourself project where we see it as an opportunity to cut costs. As it might be a sensible approach for a homeowner who is well-versed in the said trade, a startup DIYer will likely be overwhelmed with the task, where a single mistake can throw you off the project and cost you more than getting professional help.

Newcastle Renovations is a pro kitchen remodeler that can help you navigate a complex kitchen remodelling project. Certified, knowledgeable, and insured, we strive to transform every kitchen into a highly functional and awe-inspiring interior space with impressive results.


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    Kitchen Remodeling

    Where to start? Now that’s a question most homeowners ask at the onset of a kitchen remodelling project. We have done thousands of kitchen remodelling projects in the heart of NSW and the region. We have serviced a lot of different homeowners. Some customers are clear on what they want, mostly startup owners with limited knowledge of the process. 

    The success of working together with a kitchen remodelling contractor will rely on what you truly want. Gather sources for inspiration and communicate with your contractor. At Newcastle Kitchen Renovations, we believe in the effectiveness of collaboration. As your kitchen contractor, we rely on consistent communication with our clients, suppliers, tradespeople, and others involved in the project. Strong communication makes the kitchen improvement project run smoothly, leading to a successful kitchen remodel. 

    Updating your kitchen can involve many moving parts and other trades such as electrical and plumbing. For instance, a simple kitchen cupboard renovation can lead to adding rope and tape lighting or changing your plumbing hardware. This needs the expertise of certified experts to ensure the quality and safety of each installation. We offer a complete suite of kitchen remodelling, renovation, and new build services provided by a team of professionals and tradesmen. By partnering with top and reputable brands in kitchen materials and accessories, we are confident we only deliver top-grade kitchen remodelling service to our clients. 

    Kitchen Renovation Cost

    Ultimately, a kitchen renovation cost depends on whether you aim for a budget, mid-range kitchen remodel, or a luxury kitchen project. The average price for a kitchen renovation is $10,000 to $22,000 for a cheap kitchen reno that can include kitchen benchtop renovation using laminate materials. The mid-range or standard kitchen can have a base price of $22,000 to $35,000; for a luxury or elaborate kitchen, a project can cost more than $35,000.

    As every kitchen renovation is unique, we have our easy-to-use cost calculator that you can freely use to get a ballpark figure of what to expect. The rough estimate can help you get ready on the financial side and stay within your means as you envision your ideal kitchen.

    There are many variables involved in a kitchen reno. You can get in touch with us to discuss more in-depth your preferences and solutions. This way, we give you reasonable estimates for your kitchen upgrade cost.

    According to kitchen makeovers Sydney, the best thing about getting a kitchen renovation contractor is to ensure you don’t overrun your budget. Newcastle Kitchen is a reputable kitchen contractor you can trust and has done numerous kitchen remodelling and installations. Our professional experience means we can plan, organise and execute a kitchen renovation project whatever the scope or budget. This prevents unnecessary costs and redoing, so you can enjoy your investment for many years.

    Furthermore, we are fully insured, which means all home building projects over $20,000 are covered in our home building compensation (HBC). The home warranty insurance is a protection for homeowners if we cannot complete or fix defects. Although this situation has not yet occurred in any of our projects, it is best to safeguard our clients’ interests.

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Revamping or replacing your kitchen cabinets not only changes the look of your cabinets but can improve the efficiency of your kitchen space. Considered as the kitchen’s backbone, Kitchen Renovations Specialist will help you plan and design a kitchen cabinet replacement tailored to your every need.

    Compared to flat-pack cabinets, custom cabinets are better in maximising your kitchen space’s potential, as they are built to fit even the most unlikely of spaces. Replacing your old cabinets for a new custom cabinet is also an excellent opportunity to do some repairs on your substrate or wallboards. Termite or ant treatment can also be done after we have removed all your old cabinets.

    While our kitchen cabinet installers have that think-out-of-the-box mentality, our kitchen cabinet renovation is also designed around ergonomics’ importance. We not only follow the standards, but we importantly accommodate your needs. Having smooth and efficient maneuvering around your kitchen and your convenience as you work around the kitchen are considered.

    Craftsmanship is next to strategic planning and design. We make sure that all our custom-built kitchen cabinets are up to the highest quality and safety so our clients can enjoy their investment for many years to come.

    From kitchen cabinet refacing to kitchen cupboard renovation, our extensive service covers all kitchen cabinet needs. We also do pantry renovation to maximise your storage space and ease of use.

    Newcastle Kitchen Renovations

    4 chair in a kitchen having white modular cabinet

    Budget Kitchen Renovations

    Cheap kitchen renovations can look expensive where it takes someone with the best sense of style and resourcefulness to pull it off. That’s where our talented kitchen renovation specialists come into place. The latest kitchen innovations and trends are considered to provide affordable kitchen renovations relevant to the times. As an established kitchen refurbishing contractor, we can source out reputable kitchen materials and brands that offer inexpensive products.

    Kitchen refacing is one of the more affordable kitchen renovations out there, cutting more than half of your supposed budget for a full cabinet replacement. The kitchen facelift budget mainly depends on the materials to be used. A professional kitchen facelift cost for a typical 10′ x 12′ kitchen can cost around $1,000 to $3,000 for laminated wood. For real wood veneer, it can amount from $2,500 to $6,000. High-grade wood veneer can cost around $7,000 to $9,000 or more for a more complex project.

    More than cutting your kitchen remodelling costs, kitchen resurfacing is a quick way to spruce up your kitchen without taking much time without using a kitchen at home.

    A full kitchen rebuilds can take up to 6 weeks or more, depending on the work’s extent. If you choose to live in your house during this time, you need to plan how to live without a kitchen. Set up a temporary kitchen near a sink, crock pots, and grills, or if it’s warm out, it’s the perfect excuse for a barbecue.

    a small space kitchen in Newscastle having a pendants lighting

    Apartment Kitchen Renovation

    From spacious to space-starved kitchen apartments, Newcastle Kitchen Renovations provides fast turnover without sacrificing quality. As one of the one-stop-shop in kitchen remodelling, our whole kitchen makeover ideas will transform your kitchen into a highly-functional space designed to suit your lifestyle.

    For rented apartments, an Ikea kitchen renovation is the perfect option so you can rent out your apartment quickly without the hefty price tag. Our talented kitchen reconstruction specialist can update any apartment kitchen into an expensive-looking kitchen while optimising available space.

    A small kitchen reno is always a challenge where it can be difficult if not impossible, to install all the necessities needed for a working kitchen. To maximise your space, we design and plan innovative options that work for you. We can create and install custom-made vertical kitchen cabinets to utilise your ceiling space, install tap-on cabinet doors for easy accessibility or a pullout bench or platform to easily reach high shelves.

    A kitchen remodeler contractor can also do small to medium kitchen updates such as a kitchen benchtop makeover or a kitchen cabinet refacing, for instance, for a quick fix that can make a difference in your living space.

    an image of a well-designed kitchen with 4 stole in a center table

    Kitchen Design and Planning

    Hiring a kitchen renovation can significantly save you more, especially for complex projects. The best kitchen renovations are done with the best planning and management practices that a licensed kitchen renovator is trained to do: from getting kitchen renovation permits down to your kitchen hardware installation. Newcastle Kitchen Renovations will help your full kitchen upgrade to run smoothly.

    While working around your requirements, we can take inspiration from the current design trends. Modern kitchen renovations are popular today because of their practicality and simplicity, adding value to your home while having a kitchen with all the contemporary sensibilities. For instance, a Nordic theme with elements like soft wood finished floors, crafted furniture, well-lit and open spaces are great options. In comparison, the transitional theme is modern yet has vintage features where we mix the old and the new, streamlined and refined traditional kitchen elements into a more refreshing palette or style.

    Our kitchen design and planning specialists work with the type of space configuration you may have to make it comfortable and inviting. Where we open up tight-spaced kitchens while we create a cozy atmosphere for large kitchens.

    As professional kitchen design and planning are of significant importance, quality craftsmanship and attention-to-detail are crucial for a successful kitchen renovation. We work only with the best craftsmen in the area, creating custom-made designs with various materials to choose from.

    bathroom image with a tub on the right side facing the 2

    Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

    Why do a kitchen and bathroom renovation separately when you can update in one go? This cuts time-consuming collaborations with your contractors and suppliers, and you can enjoy your home without any disruptions. The comprehensive kitchen renovation services that Newcastle Kitchen Renovations Specialist cover all your remodelling needs for your kitchen and bathroom space cut costs on labour, materials, and time.

    More than saving, you get a cohesive design as you get the same top-grade suppliers for both projects. Bathroom renovation is worth considering, especially if you want to resell your property. Bathroom tile replacement or vanity upgrades are cost-effective ways to create a new look for your bathroom. To stretch your dollar to the furthest, do plumbing upgrades and repairs or change your kitchen and bathroom hardware to make a difference.

    For New South Wales Bathroom Renovations that exceed $1,000 in materials and labour, your bathroom renovation contractor should be a Builder’s License holder issued by NSW Fair Trading.

    white modular cabinets and a huge laundry machine in the right side

    Kitchen and Laundry Renovations

    The kitchen and laundry space are mostly adjacent to or near each other, making it sensible to have them designed with similar geometry, colour, and materials.

    Our kitchen modernisation projects are carefully planned and executed to ensure that we create a space that is efficient and safe. With our extensive experience in the trade, we have established connections with only the best brands and suppliers so you can enjoy premium materials that are within your budget.

    Since kitchens and laundry rooms are the busiest areas in your home and where the highest traffic volume occurs, durable materials that can withstand wear and tear should be specified. We only use high-grade materials for the kitchen and laundry tile installation, kitchen benchtop renovation, kitchen cabinets fit-out, and all other elements for your space.

    Fresh designs, open plans, and well-lit spaces are desirable traits for these busy hubs, and these are trademarks of Newcastle Kitchen Renovations. From designing to supervision, we make sure every detail of the project is of excellent quality.

    an image of a modern kitchen in Newcastle

    Modern Kitchens and Innovations

    Your kitchen appliances are not only lifetime investments but are the working force in your living space. What if you can gain more by leveraging the newest technological advancements available today? Our kitchen renovation specialists present innovative and smart systems that can work for you and your family’s needs. You can also save more on energy costs by installing energy-efficient updates on top of a stunning and highly-efficient kitchen space.

    With all that being said, if you are in the market to look for a reliable team of kitchen renovators to realise your kitchen project, we can be your team. We will ensure the best quality workmanship to the best of our abilities. Our people are experienced and have worked on many types of jobs. You can say we’ve seen it all and done it all. If something genuinely unique comes around, our team can rise to the challenge. Don’t worry; we won’t treat it like a game. We take our job seriously. It’s what keeps us in business all these years. So, give us a call, and our people be right on it. Check out one of our partners at kitchen remodel Boynton Beach and kitchen remodeling Oakland. For all your bathroom need go to Bathroom renovations in Townsville. Are you looking for a Fence Company Near Me or Kitchen renovations in geelong? Check out Northern VA kitchen & bath renovations.

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